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Corporate Social Responsibility


The Dimexon Group’s CSR Objective: “As a responsible Corporate citizen, it is our endeavour to uplift the lives and livelihoods of our people, environment & our surrounding ecosystem. It sounds grand, but it’s very simple: It simply makes sense to use the enduring power of the diamond to enrich the lives and well-being of those around us.”

Dimexon champions the empowerment of women, fully supports environmental balance and promotes societal well- being, industry beneficiation and human rights. Many examples of this are evident throughout Dimexon’s history. The majority of the workforce in the Coimbatore manufacturing units are women, for whom Dimexon provide continuous training and development opportunities.

Dimexon also provides funding and support to the education of children in South India. ‘Go-green’ & ‘Environmental Protection Pledge’ days are held throughout the different factories and Dimexon is also a major contributor to the GIA Endowment Programme, ensuring a sound future for today’s generation tomorrow.

Dimexon strongly believes that the source of its company’s ethos and its strong sense of responsibility, stems directly from the diamonds that are at the heart of everything it does. A diamond is the most emotional of symbols. It is the compelling power of this magnificent gem that provides Dimexon with the means to support its employees, customers and stakeholders.