Dimexon - Our Operations

Our Operations



Dimexon is one of the largest diamond cutting and polishing organization in the world, with six state-of-the-art manufacturing units spread across South India. Employing a total workforce of over 6,000, we are one of the largest employers in South India.

Production Processes

Dimexon - Diamond Production Process

At Dimexon, the entire manufacturing process is based on standardised operating processes that ensure every diamond is subjected to the same high-quality treatment, from rough to polish. Rigid process controls and decades of experience in manufacturing have allowed us to adopt the best practices from other relevant industries.

Lean manufacturing

Dimexon - Lean Diamond Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing identifies and eliminates waste in operations efficiently and reduces the cost of operating the system. At Dimexon, Lean manufacturing ensures continuous efficiency improvement across our operations. This provides our clients with high-quality products and enables us to fulfill customer expectations at the lowest cost.

Centralised Assortment and Planning

Dimexon - Diamonds Assortment Process

To make sure that the emphasis on quality and timely delivery is incorporated in the entire production process, Dimexon has invested in Centralised Rough Assortment and Planning facilities for large stones. At our state-of-the-art unit, manufacturing of large stones is driven by automated processes that are under the control of experienced operators. Laser machines lead to automatic, high-precision cutting and polishing of stones, done in a predefined fashion that aims to maximise the value of each stone. Stringent process controls are incorporated through integrated information systems. This enables us to provide our clients with superior value addition - by ensuring faster turnaround for the stones as well as value maximisation.

Quality Control

Dimexon - Diamonds Quality Process

Our manufacturing operations include an in-process Quality Control Department, which implements quality controls at every stage of production. Our process integration allows for real-time information collection and feedback which ensures that the quality quotient is measured at every point and does not fall below benchmark levels. This consistent focus on quality gives us the ability to provide our clients with the high product quality that we have promised and has resulted in a number of long-term customer relationships.

Tracking Diamonds

Dimexon - Tracking Diamonds

At Dimexon, we have incorporated integrated systems like ERP platform and bar coding through which we maintain complete information transparency over our processes. This gives us complete control over the tracking of a stone from procurement to final sale. The highly reliable output generated by these systems ensure that production information is available to all concerned, leading to faster decisions and quicker turnaround. This enables us to effectively manage our clients' stringent delivery schedules, which cannot be compromised at any point.

Grading Laboratory

Dimexon - Diamond Grading Lab

Our grading laboratory is based at our manufacturing facility in Coimbatore (South India) and is headed by an experienced expatriate diamond expert. All graders working in this laboratory undergo extensive training in diamond grading at international grading laboratories. This focus on expertise helps us provide our clients with a fair representation of the diamond parameters and help us maintain a global quality benchmark.

Research and Development Cell

Dimexon - Diamond Research and Cell

To ensure that we stay true to our philosophy of continuous innovation, Dimexon set up a Research and Development Cell that undertakes activities directed towards improvement and innovation in our manufacturing process. The cell has a dedicated team which is driven by the need to provide technologically superior and high-quality products to our clients. Some of the activities that the cell focuses on are as follows:

  • Rough Analysis: Analysis of all types of rough is conducted regularly to maximise the value provided to our customers. This analysis by the R&D cell helps us optimise the value of all types of rough with each and every lot.
  • Technology Adoption: The cell identifies and studies the latest and upcoming technologies in the industry and works towards moulding them into beneficial propositions that address the specific requirements of our clients.
  • Process Engineering: The cell puts in continuous efforts in process engineering with the aim of improving the entire Dimexon manufacturing chain, which ultimately results in greater operational efficiency. The adopted concepts such as lean manufacturing have benefited us by eliminating waste at each stage of manufacturing, thus resulting in cost savings and increased effectiveness of operations.
  • Product Development: In the areas of product development, the cell works on creation of new cuts, thus providing our clients with product differentiation and unique diamond offerings. It assesses the new cuts based on the physical properties of diamonds while optimising the brightness and shape to produce the desired effect.

These R&D efforts help us create a strong competitive advantage, while providing our clients with continuous improvement in products and services, benchmarked at a global level.

Training and Development

Dimexon - Diamond Training and Development Center

Dimexon's fully functional training school provides four months of focussed training to unskilled workers, with the programme covering all aspects of diamond manufacturing. The training school acts as a preparatory academy for fresh recruits where they are given special instructions regarding the latest technologies and manufacturing processes being used all over the world. The school, on an average spends over 12000 man hours annually for training activities, which are backed by regular progress evaluation. This system of regular feedback ensures that the knowledge that is imparted gets converted into actual results in the manufacturing process, resulting in the creation of a truly skilled workforce. In addition to training our workforce, the school imparts product assortment training to employees of our clients, bringing their diamond expertise at par with international standards. Thus, while our in-house training ensures that a highly-skilled workforce fulfills client orders, our training of cleints' employees help them to incorporate the latest standards, while raising the bar on their expertise.

Safety and Welfare of Employees

Dimexon - Diamond Safety and Welfare of Employees

Dimexon recognises that its employees form the backbone of the entire organisation. Thus, the work safety policies adopted by the company in all its manufacturing facilities adhere to all labour welfare laws and regulations stipulated by local governments. This is supported by regular training on workplace safety. We encourage safety precautions and promote the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our workers. Our efforts on ensuring our workers with the best and safest work environment have been recognised and Dimexon has been honoured with awards for safety by the Department of Labour of the State Government. Employee welfare also takes into account employee health, which is monitored through regular awareness campaigns and medical check up camps.

Dimexon's focus on safety extends to the environment as well. We have taken steps to make sure that the environment remains unharmed and have initiatives in place to neutralise polluting agents and to re-cycle the waste that is generated during the manufacturing process.