Dimexon - Our Operations

Our Operations

Deeply Engineered


The Dimexon Group is a leading Sightholder of the Diamond Trading Company and a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire, allowing it a direct access to a significant percentage of the world’s diamond supply.

Dimexon has world-class production facilities at Coimbatore in India and Qingdao in China. Both are equipped with the latest, most advanced technologies and ‘Lean Manufacturing’ processes in order to achieve maximum flexibility and minimum cycle times. This will ensure that all deliveries are made on-time, in-full.

Dimexon adheres to strict quality control measures defined by its expert engineers. It is against these identified parameters that products are measured to ensure they meet client-specified and globally accepted

quality standards.

Dimexon is continually employing advanced technology to fine-tune efficiency. In 2007 Dimexon won the ACE Award for its implementation of SAP across its value chain. Today, Radio Frequency Identification is employed to track the flow of diamonds. These new systems allow Dimexon complete control over the management of diamonds throughout the pipeline, from procurement to final sale, enabling it to effectively manage clients’ stringent delivery schedules without compromise.

Consistency and accuracy are key. Proving Dimexon is not only operating an exceptionally precise organisation, but a highly ethical one as well.