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Information TechnologySince Dimexon's businesses are spread across multiple geographies and includes a number of SKUs, there has been a strong demand for real-time information to aid business decisions. This has been addressed by the incorporation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, which is powered by SAP. This is the information technology backbone of the entire organisation and integrates several data sources and processes into a unified system. The information received from this system is accurate and up-to-date, thus increasing control over different processes and helping in faster decision making. The ERP system also provides the required stability and standardisation over large transactions ensuring absence of any loss or duplication of data.

The essence of this system lies in driving the organisation towards an information-driven culture that supports decision-making with reduced human effort and time, so as to optimise the benefit from those decisions. Due to this system, planning requirement for rough diamonds is regulated and this helps us to identify and maintain the level of inventory required to counter differences in polish demand and rough supply. Tracking the value added at every step also provides greater control over processes and contributes to operational efficiency and value maximisation across the chain.

In 2007, Dimexon won the SAP ACE Award for Best Gems & Jewellery Sector Implementation of SAP across its value chain. Dimexon also became the first diamond manufacturer to successfully integrate its entire value chain covering all processes of value chain from sourcing to sales.