Dimexon's leadership in the industry is supported by its skilled workforce that includes industry experts and professionals from leading organisations. We are looking to attract talent for exciting career opportunities available across functions. We invite people infused with passion, including those looking for their first step in their career as well as those with significant prior experience, to join our winning team. The work environment at Dimexon is dynamic and goal oriented thus providing an opportunity for individuals to hone their skills and abilities. Dimexon's employee engagement plan is comprised of three strategies -

Talent Acquisition

The company policy on recruitment provides for equal employment opportunity to all applicants, without regard to religion, caste, colour, gender, disability or veteran status. The recruitment process is designed to offer employment to candidate(s) solely based on their qualifications, skills and relevant experience assessed through the company selection process

Career Development

We, at Dimexon, believe in overall growth and development of individuals through a mix of training and hands-on experience. Our Career Development activities are focused on the following 4 principals: 

  1. Career Success - Commitment to support in achieving the employee’s career goals
  2. Career Diversity - Support to employee's efforts to explore and manage the career in different roles/ functions
  3. Career Flexibility - Encourage development of critical skills aimed at enhancing current job and job growth
  4. Career Management - Partnership between employees, their managers and the firm

Performance Review & Retention

Assessment of individual contributions on job is conducted annually to measure performance of all employees. It is used to align employees' career growth with organisation goals. In addition, salaries are reviewed annually to reward performance while providing a remuneration that is competitive in the market. The annual review process takes into consideration:

  1. Company performance
  2. Individual performance
  3. Inflation rate
  4. Benchmarking to market


As an organisation that puts high value on excellence and teamwork, Dimexon believes in weaving together a strong and well-knit workforce that aims to generate Leaders, who will play an important role in determining the company's success, today and tomorrow.