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Dimexon has built its competitive advantage by strengthening its ability to offer a wide variety of diamonds, all manufactured with an extremely high level of precision in terms of cut, finish and symmetry. This commitment to provide our customers with the best has ensured that we set high standards for our products - in terms of quality and consistency.

Furthermore, the scale of our operations has enabled us to offer a cohesive and synergistic range of products in various colours, clarities and make types across all product categories, ranging from 0.01ct to 3.00ct. The consistency in assortments and high-quality of make types give our clients the advantage of choosing a product mix that is in sync with their tastes as well as specific to their needs.

Our diamond offer includes

Round Brilliant Cut

Dimexon - Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Dimexon’s scale of operations and long experience in diamond manufacturing gives our customer access to widest range of round brilliant cut diamonds across colours, clarities and sizes.

  • Size: 0.01ct - 3.00ct
  • Colour: D - J, Light Coloured and Brown
  • Clarity: IF - I1
  • Cut : Excellent - Very Good

Hearts & Arrows (AGS 000)

Dimexon - Heart and Arrows Diamonds

Our focus on detail and precision in manufacturing enable us to deliver most symmetrical Hearts and Arrows excellent cuts in diamonds.

  • 0.05 ct to + 1ct
  • D - I Colours
  • IF - SI2 clarities

Fancy Proprietary Cuts

Dimexon - Marquise cut and Pear shaped Fancy Diamonds

Our fancy shape product offering is focused on high quality symmetrical marquise, pear and princess cuts.

  • Size: 0.05- +1.00ct
  • Colour: D - I
  • Clarity: IF - SI2
  • Shapes: Princess, Marquise & Pear shapes


Each Forevermark diamond is carefully selected. Forevermark diamonds come from sources committed to rigorous environmental and ethical standards; are beautifully crafted by a select group of Diamantaires; and are exclusively available in select jewellers. Product characteristics for Forevermark diamonds include:

  • Size - 0.30 Cts and up.
  • Colour – K and better.
  • Clarity – SI2 and better
  • Cut – Very Good and better.

For more information, please visit www.forevermark.com

Proprietary Cuts

Dimexon - Proprietery Heart and Arrows cut Diamonds

At Dimexon, we design and develop exclusive cuts catering to the specific needs of our clients. These products take into account the unique requirements of select clients and are manufactured exclusively for them.

Any requests or trade enquiries for exclusive cuts and up-to-date information on upcoming Proprietary Cuts can be obtained from our offices spread across the globe.

This ten-sided Heart and Arrow cut was conceptualised and commercialised by our Product Development team and holds international patents as an innovative cut. This Decagon is an 81 facet diamond showing the perfect formation of 10 Hearts and Arrows, when viewed under a proportion-scope. Product details are as follows:

  • Size: 0.05- +1.00ct
  • Colour: D - G
  • Clarity: VVS - SI