Dimexon - Diamonds Supplier


Breadth, Quality, Depth


Dimexon applies its renowned precision to produce consistent quality volumes of Calibrated Smalls. Each identically cut using microscopes and micrometers and each scientifically assessed to within the industry standard of 0.05mm tolerance.

Dimexon’s diamond portfolio contains an enviable range of diamonds, including Hearts & Arrows, Carat Plus, Triple Excellent and various proprietary cuts as well as a wide range of Forevermark diamonds. This demonstrates Dimexon’s belief in creating the broadest product range of the highest quality.

As a testament to Dimexon’s belief in producing to the finest standards, all of their diamonds acquire the highest international ratings for quality. GIA, HRD and IGI certification is Dimexon’s way of

demonstrating the validity and caliber of the diamonds it creates and shares with its customers.

Dimexon’s attention to detail is expressed not only through the diamonds themselves but also through the process it takes to create them.

For Dimexon, individuality is a metaphor for quality.