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Future Perfect


Dimexon, the leading diamantaire, shows us the future of diamond advertising with the launch of its latest marketing campaign, Future Perfect.
London, UK, 26th January 2011.

Leading the way in global branding and product advancement, international diamantaire Dimexon announces its striking new advertising campaign – Future Perfect. Today's market is rapidly evolving as customers and consumers engage with new technologies as well as new methodologies, and Dimexon is championing this change on a global stage.

The campaign ‘Future Perfect’ celebrates the complexity and skill involved in taking natures most precious object and turning it from a raw uncut diamond into fine jewellery to match needs and aspirations of tomorrow’s global market. It captures the beauty and precision of these complex and highly skilled processes, marrying time-honoured craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Working with award winning London advertising agency SomeOne, Dimexon has revolutionised the visual language of the diamond industry with a series of striking and unforgettable images. Beneath the beauty, however, lies a strong message – Dimexon's determined vision to be the world’s leading diamond company. With a rich history dating back to 1966, Dimexon builds constantly on its experience, embracing and incorporating the very latest technologies and reinventing the standards of best industry practice.

Vishal Mehta, Director of Dimexon, speaking recently in Dubai said: "Dimexon defines thought-leadership in the diamond industry. Its attitude to its product and its people is unrivalled. We have created a big idea that enables the many stories of Dimexon to be told in one coherent campaign."

Simon Manchipp, Founder and Creative Director of SomeOne, comments: "We are thrilled to have been lucky enough to work with the visionaries at Dimexon who have embraced unconventional creativity to express their brand’s DNA in the most powerful manner."

'Future Perfect' is a series of clear, light-filled studies of the tools of the diamond trade, here rendered as beautiful objects in their own right. With great clarity, the photographs convey the attention to detail and painstaking work that goes into grading, cutting and polishing the world’s finest stones, but all with a modern contemporary edge. Created with the production values of a luxury goods magazine, the ‘Future Perfect’ campaign shows how Dimexon is continuing to unlock the eternal promise of uncut diamonds a billion years old or more, and crafting them into natures most enduring and powerful symbol of beauty.

The six stunning images, each highlighting a specific Dimexon strength using headings such as Deep Simplicity, Beauty Re-engineered and Deeply Engineered, have a freshness and clarity that is carried through to every aspect of Dimexon’s identity. Crossing online and print media, covering public advertising media, private VIP invitations, online support, social media, app support and integrated digital offline USB information, 'Future Perfect' encompasses all that Dimexon embodies, both today and tomorrow.

The multi-executional campaign gives an insight into the wide breadth of Dimexon's scope and achievements, from cutting and polishing the finest stones and fashioning show-stopping jewellery to providing industry-leading marketing support services for iPhone and Blackberry apps that keep its customers continuously updated on current stock inventory while on the move.

Success and growth are only part of the story however. Dimexon takes its stature within the diamond industry extremely seriously and prides itself on the care and support it provides for its staff, from industry-leading empowerment of women at work to health and education for its staff.

As a large and successful global company, Dimexon's growth can be put down to precision and the utmost attention to detail, perfectly illustrated in the copy for the campaign. The typeface used for the 'Future Perfect' ad headlines is the original Futura font, created by Paul Renner in the 1930s. Futura is used in its contemporary form for Dimexon's corporate logo – a typical nod to history mixed with a precise stylish take on the present.

As a major global enterprise ranking among the largest manufacturers of diamonds in the world, Dimexon is recognised as both a DTC Sightholder and a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire. Committed to crafting exceptional product for its customers, wherever they are in the world and whatever their needs, Dimexon works alongside many of the world’s best-known jewellery and watch brands who in turn appreciate the attention to detail and precision craftsmanship of the jewellery Dimexon produces in its state-of-the-art facilities.

The desire to lead that drove the 'Future Perfect' campaign runs through everything that Dimexon does. As Mehta expresses it: "Innovation is in Dimexon's blood, and 'Future Perfect' takes advertising in the diamond industry to a new level of cohesion".

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