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Dimexon ups the quotient of recently concluded “Mines to Market Conference, 2010"
12th October 2010

'LEADERSHIP' is not just about being a leader in your industry or your known workplace, but it also is an ability to glide comfortably outside your comfort zone, your immediate area of know-how and expertise.


and who else but Dimexon leadership to fit into this definition of BEING A LEADER so aptly and so perfectly?? (within, as well as outside our trade/ industry)


…….for Dimexon leadership yet again drives home this point and helps our industry lend an apt perspective about INDIA, thereby taking “INDIA- TO THE WORLD”


This accolade was recently achieved at the just concluded “Mines to Market Conference, 2010” (12th & 13th October, 2010) and it comes as no surprise that this exemplary piece of presentation-speech came from, non other than Mr. Rajiv Mehta, Director, Dimexon.


This speech/ presentation was superlative in its performance, primarily for 2 reasons as:

  1. To Indians- it helped them to get a new elevated perspective about their country and its strengths and available opportunities.

  2. And to non-Indians- for it re-inforced the growing stature of this country, poised to take a giant leap, in all most all industry sectors and especially our industry, in this current ‘Diamond Decade’ (this term courtesy; Mines to Market Conf. 2010!)

Listening to insightful sessions of Mr. Mehta is always a pleasure and this shows across the wide array of audience/s, across various geographies who can connect to him in a focused manner (as also witnessed at this conference, during all his sessions).


Just to plainly dissect, Mr. Mehta’s sessions are always in a way, a clear winner mainly because of his ability to present his structure of thoughts in a logical yet realistically simple and easy to comprehend manner by one and all.


Apart from gathering relevant valuable insights from his wisdom, it should not come as a surprise to anyone, if somebody would be intently focused on to adapting his style of communication (complete with all resplendent pauses, range of intonations and not to forget the exemplary confidence like his!)……It sure does take all of these qualities to be a great leader and an orator, which Mr. Rajiv Mehta is.


Mr. Mehta, in his capacity as a ‘Speaker’ at Mines to Market Conference, 2010 was assigned the topic of presenting an INDIA perspective, addressed to a mixed nationalities of audiences (mainly from India, Antwerp, Zimbabwe and Israel)

& Mr. Mehta contributed, through his presentation literally, in taking INDIA-TO THE WORLD!


Some of the highlight pointers which Mr. Mehta reflected through his presentation were:

  • Insights into magnificent country- India
  • Indian Diamond industry
  • In a nutshell, how India adds value

And particularly intriguing were his take on the Indian Diamond Industry, through its key milestones era’s of:

1970- Foundation Era

1990- Transformation Era

2010- Value Creation Era

The Day 2 of this high powered industry event saw Mr. Rajiv Mehta participating in a panel discussion, (discussion topic: “Crucial Challenges to moving ahead”) comprising of fellow industry stalwarts like:

  • Mr. Ashish Mehta, Partner, Kantilal Chhotalal
  • Mr. Vishal Mehta, Director, Rosyblue
  • Mr. Rohan Shah, Managing Partner, Economics Law Practice and
  • Mr. Biju Patnaik, Regional Manager Asia- The Royal Bank of Scotland

Thus, what could be a more better way to conclude this news coverage than to quote Mr. Rajiv Mehta himself?


“Competition creates better products, and Relationships create sustainable businesses”

--- Mr. Rajiv Mehta, Director, Dimexon.

Indeed Dimexon is truly proud to have a leader like: Mr. RAJIV MEHTA.

Power to Dimexon!!!

Mr. Rajiv Mehta, Director, Dimexon; taking INDIA- TO THE WORLD


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