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Mr. Vishal P. Mehta, Director, Dimexon addresses 2010 China Diamond Conference
30th November 2010

The much awaited 2010 China Diamond Conference, which was hosted after a brief hiatus of three years made waves across the diamond industry. Not to mention the significance of this prominent trade gathering was all the more eventful to us, as DIMEXON was a key sponsor of this event.


The aim of this 2 day event (30th Nov. & 1st Dec. 2010) was to promote the development of chinese diamond industry and to build an international forum for communication of information, co-operation between domestic and overseas diamond companies.


More importantly, this high profile event was in news wire because of the presence of top government echelons from the China trade.


The theme of this conference was: 'World Diamond Industry: How to Enter the New Decade' and was demarcated into five topical sessions, such as:

  • The world diamond industry in recovery
  • The new decade of China's diamond industry
  • The market in future and the consumers’ confidence.
  • World diamond centers in the future
  • The new policy of the diamond producing countries

Participants on this forum discussed and shared ideas on how to speed up recovery in the global diamond industry, looking at trends in China for the next ten years.


Around 400 attendees from across the global diamond industry participated in this august trade gathering, of which DIMEXON was a key sponsor.


IMPACT DIMEXON on this global platform:

  • Mr. Vishal Mehta, Director, Dimexon left an indelible mark on this event through his 'Speech' which was much talked about not just for its content but also for its hi-fi technology powered special effects based presentation. Needless to say, this was one such moment of honour for brand-Dimexon to have its impact cast far & wide on the world audience at this event.

    The sheer excitement of hearing Mr. Mehta was palpable enough and was reflected all across the conference room, where each and every attendee was thoroughly impressed and impacted altogether to a different level.

    Mr. Vishal Mehta delivered a brilliant iteration on the topic: Access to the China’s Diamond Market, and thereby upped the overall Dimexon quotient at this prominent global gathering!

    To summarize, following were the striking key highlights of Mr. Vishal Mehta’s address:
  1. Progression of Chinese economy in general and diamond aspirations in particular.
  2. In roads into China diamond industry
  3. This presentation was also backed with sizeable amount of interesting data in terms of: case-study example/s citations, survey findings and analysis on diamond buying behavior in Chinese economy sub context.
  • Another stunning highlight of this event were the felicitations of two prominent Chinese trade bodies- SDE (Shanghai Diamond Exchange) and DAC (Diamond Administration of China), by DIMEXON for their completion of ten glorious years. These honours were done by all 3 Dimexon stalwarts- viz; Mr.Pankaj Mehta, Chairman, Dimexon, Mr. Vishal Mehta, Director, Dimexon and Mr. Rajiv Mehta, Director, Dimexon

    A ‘Specially crafted Dimexon trophy’ was presented to these two vital trade bodies representing our trade and mainland China.

    This special crafted trophy was-
    A specially cut 10 H&A diamonds trophy crafted by Dimexon with each H&A facet representing every year of the bodies past 10 years of accomplishment

  • Amongst all, another shimmering aspect of this conference were the sparkling displays of Dimexon Jewellery during the entire conference period which added that element of glitz to the event layout.

  • Along with Dimexon top head honchos, the local Dimexon Shanghai team also represented this event gracefully.

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