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DIMEXON ANTWERP relocates to a swanky new office premises
10th December, 2010.

At a posh new auspicious address....


This is to inform you with great pleasure that Dimexon Antwerp has now acquired a swanky new office premises and we have relocated to our new office facility at the prestigious Antwerp Diamond House (Arslanian Building) with effect from 10th December 2010.


So, here’s our new Dimexon Antwerp office contact:


Dimexon Antwerp N.V.
Hovenierstraat 30,
Antwerp Diamond House (Arslanian Building),
4th Floor, P.O. Box 32,
Antwerp 2018,
Tel: +323 2066100
Fax: +323 2066200


The providential office inauguration ceremony (Pooja Mahurat) was performed at our new office premises by the auspicious hands of honourable Dimexon Chairman Mr. & Mrs. Pankaj Mehta on 10th December 2010 to earmark the auspicious beginning of this new business abode and venture.


May we all wish this new Dimexon office premises to bestow us with a continued progression and booming success spree!!


So, let us all join hands together and offer our best wishes and heartiest congratulations to all Dimexon colleagues in Antwerpen for ritzy new office premises!!



A posh new auspicious address: Dimexon Antwerp N.V.

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