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Mr. Rajiv P. Mehta, Director, Dimexon raises the bar through his global industry address at World Federation of Diamond Bourses Biennial President’s Meeting and Africa Summit 2011.
13th April, 2011


The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) and Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) hosted the "World Federation of Diamond Bourses Biennial Presidents Meeting and Africa Summit 2011" for the first time in Dubai between the 11th and 13th April, 2011.


And as Dimexon is been making rapid progressive strides in Dubai and the region, it is our privilege to be a part of this glorious event. (with Dimexon been the only exclusive partner from the diamond trade at this prestigious global event, as well as the sole sponsor of Africa Summit 2011.)


One of the highlights of this global gathering was the industry address by Director, Dimexon, Mr. Rajiv P. Mehta, a light house and a respectable figure from global diamond trade.


The topic of Mr. Mehta’s speech was: “Emerging Asia- The Diamond Bridge of the 21st Century”

And it wasn’t just the topic that was interesting, however much interesting enough was also this remarkable speechathon as delivered by Mr. Rajiv P. Mehta.

On Agenda in this enthralling module of presentation were the following

  • Future of consumer markets
  • The diamond opportunity
  • Market strategy for producers

And it sure was one striking piece of oratorship which had the audiences spellbound on the overall gravitas and effortless presentation/ guidance on the subject.


Key take-away’s from Mr. Mehta’s Speech comprised the following pearls of wisdom:

  • The potential of the consumer market is based on the economic growth, population demography along with the increase in consumer expenditure. (With Asia being the future consumer market of the world.)

  • The ‘diamond opportunity’: which clearly lies in India, China and Middle East, with its detailed iterations on: consumption patterns, consumer behavior and future potential.

  • Market Strategy for producers: outlines the plausible approach by diamond mining countries and organisations to tap into lucrative markets of emerging Asia (India, China and Middle East).

The audience universe of this event comprised of strong representations from noteworthy African nations such as- South Africa, Angola, Congo and Zimbabwe to name a few.


Thereby through this striking presentation, Mr. Mehta urged all nations and members of the WFDB to work closer together to find solutions for future growth and logical progression ahead.


The former President of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, and Kimberley Process Chair, Mr. Mathieu Yamba of the Democratic Republic of Congo, were the chief Guests of Honour at this prestigious event.



  • Sleek display of Dimexon FUTURE PERFECT corporate identity at prominent visual touch-points added that element of glitz to the entire event in an understated yet uber chic manner.

  • Dimexon FUTURE PERFECT corporate video capsule ran in the entire event hall (displayed at a foremost visual touch point), thereby turning this event into an apt representation of technology backed sleeker aesthetics, along with appropriate Dimexon branding of substance!



Strictly By Invitation Only GALA DINNER attended by Dimexon top management  members and also certain select and handpicked Dimexon Guest Invitees.


Mr. Rajiv P. Mehta, Director, Dimexon addresses at the WFDB President’s Meet and Africa Summit 2011.



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  2011 event: "EMERGING ASIA"

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