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Dimexon Co-hosts at the recent 35th World Diamond Congress
10th November 2012


Dimexon recently supported the World Federation of Diamond Bourses by sponsoring the 35th World Diamond Congress convention held for the first time in Mumbai India. The audience at this important event included co-hosts and representatives from the 28 affiliated diamond bourses as well as trade organisations, federations, manufacturers and mining organisations worldwide. Rajiv Mehta, Director of Operations at Dimexon, was a member of the co-host panel who led discussions on current matters affecting the diamond community.

The main focus for the event was to identify the issues influencing the industry and to establish appropriate strategies to be implemented in order to ensure sustainable and profitable business throughout the diamond pipeline. Such issues included the challenge of ensuring full disclosure and transparency relating to synthetic diamonds, declining market demand and the need for the promotion of diamonds.


New initiatives discussed at this year’s congress included the ‘World Diamond Mark’ the WFDB are launching in an effort to promote the growth of diamonds and diamond jewellery in the luxury consumer market. The strategy is based on using education and marketing in order to build greater confidence in the market place and offer direct benefits to members of the industry, making diamonds and jewellery synonymous with the world’s most desirable luxury items.


35th World Diamond Congress 2012 - Mumbai



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