Dimexon - Jewellery Services

Jewellery Value Added Services


We have defined 'The Dimexon Partnership' as a range of value-added services that we believe exemplify the philosophy that true partnership is a shared journey towards creating a future for both participants that is better than either could have developed alone. We will always aim to work together with our customers, and look forward to partnering with you for a brilliant future!


Product merchandising

Dimexon's dedicated product merchandising team draws upon its expertise in different markets to advise our clients. The team understands client requirements and conducts a detailed analysis of the target consumer market to ensure that our clients finalise a product portfolio that fits into their individual growth strategy.

Visual merchandising

While product merchandising helps client arrive at an appropriate product portfolio, Dimexon's visual merchandising service gives shape to our clients' branding and marketing strategy. Through innovative point-of-sale store displays and specialised product packaging, we help our clients create an attractive and visually appealing brand strategy.

Private label

Dimexon's Private Label programme is a unique service where we work together with our customers to develop a branded jewellery collection, where the brand IP for the collection rests with the customer. We offer our clients a complete end-to-end solution which includes developing the brand name, the positioning strategy, personality and packaging of the product, point-of-sale material as well as the marketing and advertising strategy. The entire process works as an equal partnership, with the customers' inputs and requirements driving the strategy.

Sales training

Dimexon partners with its customers to offer sales training to their counter sales staff. The training focuses on Dimexon jewellery and covers product details and design concepts. This in-depth training process not only helps the staff to understand the product but also shows them how to communicate the uniqueness of each piece of jewellery. Dimexon can also offer formal selling skills training programs to upgrade the skills of the counter sales people.

Solitaire layouts

Dimexon's solitaire layouts involve a very high level of detail, where the stones are perfectly matched to the design and laid out as a complete piece of jewellery, thus combining size specifications and aesthetics. Typically, the process involves microscopic sorting and grading to ensure that the stones are perfectly matched. Thus, the solitaire layout can be used as a sales tool as well as an attractive display for the customer's store or exhibition booth.

Marketing support

Dimexon's full time marketing division believes in investing in new ideas that grow our business along with that of our customers. We invest in ideas to explore and develop new markets and to increase diamond consumption and provide Marketing Support to our customers in the following areas:

  • New market entry and development
  • Existing market penetration 
  • Access to supplier-led programs
  • Financial support
  • Marketing consultancy

his service is unique since it combines the experience and skills of our marketing team and our financial strength with our global distribution network.

Marketing campaigns

Dimexon's full time marketing division believes in investing in new ideas that grow our business along with that of our customers. Drawing upon the experience and skills of our marketing team and our global distribution system, we provide our clients with marketing support in terms of new market entry and development, existing market penetration and marketing consultancy, where we advise our clients on their campaigns including advertising and media planning. This makes it possible to translate our clients' marketing investments into a tangible growth of their brand.

Design services

Dimexon's global relationships and experience have given it a strong capability in jewellery design. This has enabled us to provide design services to our customers - whether it is for a single purpose or a long-term service. We are also able to cater to the needs of different customers due to our exposure to global markets. Our experienced and talented design team works with our customers to come up with ground-breaking designs that incorporate trends and fashions from around the world. 


The design services also include inputs on store displays, POS materials and packaging. By partnering with our customers, we ensure that the design services take into account the customer's brand, the design of the collection and the marketing strategy for that collection. Thus, the customer gets a high-quality product in terms of marketing material and packaging, at low costs, leveraging the skills and experience of Dimexon's in-house Visual Merchandising expert. 


Dimexon's design services also include exhibition booths. Exhibitions are a very popular and impactful way for Dimexon's customers to connect with retailers, who are their consumers. However, since this does not form a core part of their business, Dimexon designs exhibition booths for customers, where we understand the customer's marketing messages and translate them into the exhibition booth format. Using our expertise, we offer an end-to-end solution, right from conceptulisation of the booth design to the actual set up of the booth in the exhibition / fair.

Assessment of market opportunity

Many customers are looking to analyse market trends and identify opportunities for growth, but are restricted by time and lack of experienced partners. Dimexon offers customers the assessment of market opportunity service where our marketing team partners with our customers to first understand their market and growth plans and then carry out a systematic study of the same - using our market relationships and tools for analysis. The findings are compiled into a detailed report and shared with the customer who can then use it to plan future goals and objectives for the business.

Brand portfolio rationalisation

Change is a constant in every business and the diamond and jewellery market is no different. As trends and consumer preferences change, there arises a need for every manufacturer to take a look at their product portfolio and revamp it to suit present and anticipated future needs. 


Dimexon provides a brand portfolio rationalisation service where we analyse the customer's product portfolio and its brand offering in detail. Keeping in mind market conditions and the long-term strategy of the customer, we then provide new ideas and solutions in terms of design, marketing and distribution and suggestions on how these can be implemented.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a tool used by market research companies to measure quality of retail service. The process involves sending individuals to act as shoppers to interact with the business as a normal customer and report on the experience. Dimexon can partner with customers to conduct such an exercise, which gives them feedback on the quality and performance of their brand, services and products. Instructions to mystery shoppers can include a script of behaviour, questions to ask, complaints to give, purchases to make, and measures to record, such as time it takes to receive attention from an employee or receive a service, or the responses given to questions. Dimexon provides the customer with a detailed report on the findings of the exercise.

Market research

A complete understanding of consumer preferences goes a long way in contributing to growth of an organisation. Dimexon can conduct primary or secondary market research for customers, with the objective of providing the customer with in-depth information about the industry, growth trends, consumer preferences, competitor information and future opportunities. Thus, we ensure that our customers are in sync with present challenges and future opportunities and this makes them perform effectively in the market.

Customer Relationship Management

Dimexon partners with customers to build a Customer Relationship Management strategy that aims to keep them connected with their end consumers. This could take the form of a reminder service in terms of birthdays and important occasions or a greeting service whenever the consumer travels for work. Thus, we take over the responsibility of building the customer relationship, while incorporating the needs of our customers. Furthermore, this service ensures that our customer's brand grows in strength and respect amongst their consumers.